Wings for Life World Run May 4th 2014

Max Evans, Scotland’s Rugby star is also an ambassador of Wings for Life, a foundation that funds research into curing spinal cord injury.

The charity means a lot to Max as his brother Thom, who is also a Wings for Life ambassador, was forced to end his career with a serious neck injury suffered while making his 10th appearance for Scotland.

“Tomorrow (Thursday) is the anniversary of Thom’s injury against Wales and he was one of the lucky ones, in some respects. He was very close to being paralysed,” he said.

“It’s an injury that can happen in any walk of life and there is more potential for injury outside of sport, such as traffic accidents and falls, so we want to raise awareness and funding because scientists do believe it is possible to cure spinal cord injury, and be able to regenerate nerve cells.

“There is a big run, the Wings For Life World Run, on May 4 which is 36 races around the world all starting at the same time (British race starts at 11am at Silverstone). There is no finish line.

“You start the race and about 30 minutes later there is a Catcher Car that starts – when it catches the last person that’s the race over. There will be a UK winner, a world winner and it’s exciting – a good idea to raise money and awareness.”