Back injuries at work claims

Back injuries at work claims

Most workplace back injuries at work claims are the result of overextension (twisting) of the spine from heavy lifting, pulling, pushing, or poor posture while sitting for prolonged periods. Back injuries at work are often painful and require extended treatment and recovery periods.

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Back injuries at work claims

Back injuries at work claims from manual handling compensation

You must act as quickly as possible in order to stand the best chance of making a successsful claim.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992 (amended in 2002) are designed to protect employees from injuries caused by Manual Handling at work. Back injuries from manual handling  include lifting or carrying a load, but also pulling, lowering and even pushing loads.

This is a major cause of lost time at work with over 1/3 of days lost being due to a manual handling incident. The majority of these will be an injury to the back, although injury to arms and legs also can occur.

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