Conspiracy to supply Drugs

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Conspiracy to supply drugs solicitorWe are leading criminal solicitors in defending clients against all types of drugs conspiracies. Our reknowned expertise and experience will give you the best chance of defending these serious allegations. Our experienced team will handle your matter in a professional and manner and will keep you updated regularly. We will assign a dedicated criminal defence solicitor to you throughout. 

What does Conspiracy to supply drugs mean?

Conspiracy to supply drugs is when two or more people agree together to sell or supply a controlled substance. It does not matter whether the sale or supply actually takes place. Charges can be laid if the intention to supply can be shown.

How do you prove drug trafficking?

It’s usually quite straightforward to prove drug possession. However intent to distribute is not so clear cut. This is why specialist legal advice is so important.

Evidence may take the form of such factors as:

  • Possession of a quantity of drugs not consistent with personal use.
  • Having drug paraphernalia such as scales.
  • Large supplies of unexplained cash
  • Being found in possession of drugs of a high level of purity.

There may also be other factors that the courts will take as evidence of intent to supply. A legal expert will know what factors can influence the outcome of a prosecution in your favour.

Can you be charged with supply of drugs based on text messages?

Yes you can be charged with supply of drugs based on the evidence in text messages. For example even if the police find only small amounts of drugs in your possession,  text messages that indicate your involvement in the supply of larger quantities can be taken into account as evidence of conspiracy to supply.

What is your defence to conspiracy to supply drugs?

We will look closely at all the evidence upon which the Crown intend to rely. Our experts will identify any flaws in this evidence.

Our team will inspect mobile phone evidence to show any lack of communications between yourself and the other alleged conspirators.

Also we will see if any DNA or fingerprint evidence is weak.

We will look at every possible weakness in the Crown’s case including cell site data.

What is the sentence for conspiracy to supply drugs?

The sentence will depend on a number of factors including:-

  • Your role in the conspiracy
  • the quantity and value of the drugs.
  • Any previous convictions
  • The period of the conspiracy
  • If you became involved due to pressure, intimidation or coercion
  • The one with the leading role drugs operation in the conspiracy will receive a more severe sentence than someone in a lesser role.

The maximum sentence for conspiracy to supply class A drugs is life imprisonment.

The maximum sentence for conspiracy to supply class B drugs is 14 years imprisonment, or an unlimited fine.

Will there be any other criminal proceedings after conviction?

If you are found guilty, you may also be subject to a Confiscation Order under Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002. This is to make you repay any benefits derived from the criminal conduct.

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