British Citizenship Application

British Citizenship Application

British citizenship application solicitor

Achieving British Citizenship by naturalisation is not an easy task. A few simple mistakes/omissions on an application form can be rather distressing and expensive. However, this is where Adam Law Solicitors can help. We have a wealth of experience in immigration law and have helped guide a number of people to making a successful application. We could be able to help you too.

British Citizenship

The following paragraphs will give you an overview to achieving British Citizenship through naturalisation and the general requirements.

Achieving British Citizenship through naturalisation

The general rule is that any foreign or Commonwealth national who has been residing in the United Kingdom for five years or more can apply for citizenship by naturalisation if they:

  • Have a sufficient knowledge and understanding of the English language
  • Are of good character
  • Once naturalised, intend to have their primary home in the UK

British Citizenship residence requirements

There are other residence requirements In addition to the above. They are:

  • The applicant must not have spent more than 450 days outside the UK in the five year period that they have been residing here.
  • Have been no more than 90 days outside the UK in the 12 months before their application.
  • Must have held UK permanent residence for at least the last 12 months preceding their application
  • Must not have breached the UK Immigration Law during their five year stay.
  • Things can change slightly however if the applicant is married to a British Citizen. In such situations, only a three year residence period is required.

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