Accidents at Work

Accidents at Work

accidentsatwork-62 If you have had an accident at work Adam Law Specialist Solicitors, Sheffield can help you. You are entitled to claim compensation and damages. We offer a free consultation, so get in touch now as delays can adversely affect your claim and it’s chance of success. Call now on 0114 256 0111 email us or use the contact form on this page. It’s completely confidential and there’s no obligation.

Should I claim against my employer?

Many employees are reluctant to bring a workplace accident claim against their employer.

We completely understand. You don’t want to be seen to be causing trouble for fear of losing your job. Suffering an accident or injury at work can have a devastating impact on you, your family and your finances for the rest of your life. Your employer has a duty of care and in law to protect you in the workplace and keep you informed about health and safety matters. All employers should have insurance to cover accidents in the workplace. Your employer is obliged to provide a work environment that is safe to work in and reduce the risk of accidents happening.


Phone us on 0114 256 0111 for a free consultation, or email us or fill in the contact form now to find out if you have a claim.

Don’t delay, the sooner you act the better your recall of events and the sooner we can get the compensation that is your right.

Accidents can happen in any work environment

Over the years, we have obtained compensation for workers covering a wide range of situations, including:

  • Inadequate protective equipment or lack of training
  • Manual handling claims
  • Noise induced hearing loss claims
  • Contact dermatitis
  • Occupational asthma and other occupational diseases
  • Building, construction and engineering accident claims
  • Accidents in offices, shops and schools
  • Accidents in factories and warehouses
  • Exposure to harmful and dangerous substances like asbestos, and dangerous or defective machinery
  • slips, trips and falls

All our accident at work claims are handled on a no win, no fee basis.

Spinal Injury at work compensation

Spinal injuries require expert attention and may result in special aftercare needs. We are experts in all kinds of spinal injury. We will be able to advise and support any claim you may need to make during and after any treatement, extending into rehabilitation and specialist fitting out of your home. Please see our extensive spinal injuries section for further information or you can contact us now for a free, confidential, no obligation consultation. Please use the form on this page or call us on 0114 256 0111.

Burns injuries at work compensation

There are many ways you can suffer a burn in a work environment, the risk is not confined to obvious industries like the chemical industry. Any poorly maintained electrical equipment or even a kettle can give a ver ynasty burn. It’s the employers duty to ensure a safe working environment, provide adequate training, safety equimpent and clothing. It may be possible to sue your employer if you suffer a burn at work, but we will need to assess your case and will be able to advise you if you have a claim to make. Contact us now for a confidential, no obligation discussion of your situation. Please use the form on this page or call us on 0114 256 0111.

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About Accidents at work

Accidents at work are not only the result of immediate and obvious dangers like trip hazards or falls but can also result from a lack of training, non use of recommended safety equipment required for the job or there may have been dangerous machinery that caused an employee to be injured. With regards to training or protective gear, you’re employer must provide this. If they fail to do so and you develop an illness, disease or injury, you may be able to make an injury compensation claim. Common accidents at work like trips, falls or getting trapped in machinery can result in fractured or broken bones or even the loss of a limb. Soft tissue damage, repetitive strain injury, loss of sight or hearing are prevalent in both office and industrial situations; while injuries like burns, respiratory problems and asbestos related disease are certainly more common in manufacturing or industrial environments. However, you don’t have to work in a high-risk environment like a building site to suffer a serious and often life-changing injury.

So please contact us now to find out if you can make a claim for your accident or injury at work.