Driving without Insurance

Driving without insurance is an absolute offence

This means that if you drive without insurance there is no excuse, you are gulity. In the law there is no defence. For example saying ‘I didn’t know I had no insurance, the insurance company cancelled without telling me’ is not acceptable. However even with an absolute offence  there can be ways to defend or mitigate the offence. But it is always for the defendant to to prove their defence.

You need a specialist motoring offence solicitor

Because driving without insurance is an absolute offence it can be very hard to successfully defend a charge. You are really best advised to seek help from a legal expert and we are very experienced in defending any charges relating to driving, or allowing someone to drive your vehicle, without insurance.

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driving without insurance solicitor

Do you know?

  • It is an offence to use, cause or permit a motor vehicle on the road or other public place where there is no insurance policy in place?
  • That if you genuinely believed there was an insurance policy in place you may be able to avoid points being imposed?
  • There are ‘Special Reasons’ such as the policy being cancelled by your insurers without you being notified by the insurance company or where you are relying upon another person’s insurance.


 6 to 8 penalty points and/ or a fine of up to £5,000.

What we can do for you

  • We can evaluate and advise you on the strength of the evidence and provide you with copies. Remember you are part of your legal team and you make the decisions, we are there to advise you.
  • We can assess your instructions to determine whether you have ‘Special Reasons’.