Spinal and back injury Compensation levels

Spinal and Back Injury compensation

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Spinal Injury Compensation Guide

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Can I make a claim for my back injury?

There are many types of back injury that you can claim for.You may have had:

We will be able to advise you on your claim and will work to ensure that you receive your full compensation, not just for your injury but for other losses such as treatment costs as well.

What will my back injury compensation cover?

Please click here for a full breakdown of what your back injury payout can cover in addition to the actual injury. For the compensation levels for your specific injury please see further down this page.

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How much may your spinal and back injury claim be worth?

· Neck Injuries

· Back Injuries

· Shoulder Injuries

· Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips

Many people want to know what the average payout for a back or spinal injury would be.

Below are the guidelines for the amount of compensation for nearly every type and severity of back injury. These are issued by the Judicial Studies Board (JSB).

However these amounts should be taken as a guideline only. Usually other factors will be taken into account, such as loss of income or any consequential damages, and these will have a bearing on the final recommended compensation.

Neck Injuries

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There is a wide range of neck injuries, often in combination with problems in the back or shoulders.

Severe Neck Injuries compensation amounts

Neck injury associated with incomplete paraplegia or resulting in permanent spastic quadriparesis or where the injured person, despite wearing a collar 24 hours a day for a period of years, still has little or no movement in the neck and suffers severe headaches which have proved intractable. In the region of £124,030
Injuries which give rise to disabilities which fall short of those in above but which are of considerable severity; for example, permanent damage to the brachial plexus. £55,000 to £109,450
Injuries causing severe damage to soft tissues and/or ruptured tendons. They result in significant disability of a permanent nature. The precise award depends on the length of time during which the most serious symptoms are ameliorated, and on the prognosis £38,030 to £46,810
Injuries such as fractures or dislocations which cause severe immediate symptoms and which may necessitate spinal fusion. They leave markedly impaired function or vulnerability to further trauma, and some limitation of activities. £20,900 – £32,180

Moderate Neck Injuries compensation amounts

Cases involving whiplash or wrenching-type injury and disc lesion of the more severe type resulting in cervical spondylosis, serious limitation of movement, permanent or recurring pain, stiffness or discomfort and the possible need for further surgery or increased vulnerability to further trauma. £11,500 to £20,900
Injuries which may have exacerbated or accelerated some pre-existing unrelated condition. There will have been a complete recovery or recovery to ‘nuisance’ level from the effects of the accident within a few years. This bracket will lso apply to moderate whiplash injuries where the period of recovery has been fairly protracted and where there remains an increased vulnerability to further trauma or permanent nuisance type symptons referring from the neck. ..£6,600 to £11,500

Minor neck injuries compensation amounts

Minor soft tissue and whiplash injuries and the like

(i) where full recovery takes place within a period of about one to two years;

£3,630 to £6,600
(ii) where full recovery takes place between three months and a year. £2,050 to £3,630
(iii) where full recovery is made within three months. A few hundred pounds to £2,050

Back Injuries

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Severe back injuries compensation amounts

Cases of the most severe injury involving damage to the spinal cord and nerve roots, leading to a combination of very serious consequences not normally found in cases of back injury. £76,120 to £134,590
Cases which have special features taking them outside any lower bracket applicable to orthopaedic injury to the back. Such features include impaired bladder and bowel function, sexual difficulties and unsightly scarring and the possibility of future surgery. £62,010 to £73,920
Cases of disc lesions or fractures of discs or of vertebral bodies where, despite treatment, there remain disabilities such as continuing severe pain and discomfort, impaired agility, impaired sexual function, depression, personality change, alcoholism, unemployability and the risk of arthritis. £32,420 to £58,300

Moderate back injuries compensation amounts

Cases where any residual disability is of less severity than that in above. The bracket contains a wide variety of injuries. Examples are a case of a crush fracture of the lumbar vertebrae where there is a substantial risk of osteoarthritis and constant pain and discomfort with impairment of sexual function; that of a traumatic spondylolisthesis with continuous pain and a probability that spinal fusion will be necessary; or that of a prolapsed intervertebral disc requiring surgery or damage to an intervertebral disc with nerve root irritation and reduced mobility. £23,210 to £32,420
Many frequently encountered injuries to the back such as disturbance of ligaments and muscles giving rise to backache, soft tissue injuries resulting in exacerbation of an existing back condition or prolapsed discs necessitating laminectomy or resulting in repeated relapses. The precise figure depends upon the severity of the original injury, the degree of pain experienced, the extent of any treatment required in the past or in the future, the impact of the symptons on the injured person’s ability to function in daily life. £10,450 to £23,210

Minor back injury compensation amounts

Strains, sprains, disc prolapses and soft tissue injuries from which a full recovery or recovery to ‘nuisance’ levels takes place without surgery within about two to five years; £6,600 to £10,450
where full recovery takes place without surgery between three months and two years. £2,050 to £6,600
Where a full recovery is made within three months. A few hundred pounds to £2,050

Shoulder Injury compensation levels

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Severe shoulder injuries compensation amounts

Often associated with neck injuries and involving damage to the brachial plexus resulting in significant disability £16,060 to £40,150

Serious shoulder injuries compensation payments

Dislocation of the shoulder and damage to the lower part of the brachial plexus causing pain in shoulder and neck, aching in elbow, sensory symptoms in the forearm and hand, and weakness of grip or a fractured humerus leading to restricted shoulder movement. £10,670 to £16,060

Moderate shoulder injuries compensation payments

Frozen shoulder with limitation of movement and discomfort with symptoms persisting for about two years. £6,600 to £10,670

Minor shoulder injuries compensation payments

Soft tissue injury to shoulder with considerable pain but almost complete recovery:

(i) in less than two years;

£3,630 to £6,600
(ii) within a year. £2,050 to £3,630
(ii) within three months. A few hundred pounds to £2,050

Fracture of Clavicle compensation payments

The level of the award will depend on extent of fracture, level of disability, residual symptoms, and whether temporary or permanent, and whether union is anatomically displaced £4,290 to £10,230

Pelvis and Hip Injury compensation levels

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Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips compensation payments

The most serious of injuries to the pelvis and hip can be as devastating as a leg amputation and accordingly will attract a similar award of damages.

Cases where there are specific sequelae of exceptional severity would call for a higher award.

Severe Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips compensation payments

Extensive fractures of the pelvis involving, for example, dislocation of a low back joint and a ruptured bladder, or a hip injury resulting in spondylolisthesis of a low back joint with intolerable pain and necessitating spinal fusion. Inevitably there will be substantial residual disabilities such as a complicated arthrodesis with resulting lack of bladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunction or hip deformity making the use of a calliper essential; or may present difficulties for natural delivery. £65,560 to £109,450
Injuries only a little less severe than in (a)(i) above but with particular distinguishing features lifting them above any lower bracket. Examples are: (a) fracture dislocation of the pelvis involving both ischial and pubic rami and resulting in impotence; or (b) traumatic myositis ossificans with formation of ectopic bone around the hip. £51,760 to £65,560
Many injuries fall within this bracket: a fracture of the acetabulum leading to degenerative changes and leg instability requiring an osteotomy and the likelihood of hip replacement surgery in the future; the fracture of an arthritic femur or hip necessitating hip replacement; or a fracture resulting in a hip replacement which is only partially successful so that there is a clear risk of the need for revision surgery. £32,780 to £43,890

Moderate Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips compensation payments

Significant injury to the pelvis or hip but any permanent disability is not major and any future risk not great. £22,220 to £32,780


Injuries of Limited Severity to the Pelvis and Hips compensation payments

These cases may involve hip replacement. Where it has been carried out wholly successfully the award will tend to the top of the bracket, but the bracket also includes cases where hip replacement may be necessary in the foreseeable future. £10,530 to £22,220

Lesser Injuries to the Pelvis and Hips compensation payments

Cases where despite significant injury there is little or no residual disability.  
(i) where there has been a complete recovery within two years, the award is unlikely to exceed £6,440 £3,300 to £10,530
ii) Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery. Up to £3,300

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