Immigration Appeals

Immigration and related appeals

If your entry clearance application is refused by the Entry Clearance Officer (ECO) abroad, or your visa/extension application is refused by United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA), it could leave you in turmoil. Having to negotiate your way through the appeal system is a minefield. We  are  specialists in all aspects of immigration, including appeals and have many years experience of the appeals system.

You must use experienced immigration appeals experts

We keep ourselves fully up to date with this complex, constantly developing area. New guidelines are frequently issued, laws are often introduced or amended, often with little public notification. We monitor all the relevant websites, publications and authorities to ensure our knowledge is fully up to date and second to none.

However it’s not enough just to keep up to date,  experience is essential to give the wisdom needed in order to decide how to apply all the knowledge gathered. We have been practicing in immigration and appeals law for many years and have developed a great body of experience in this area.

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Let us put our experience and knowledge to your immigration appeal, and help reduce the stress and uncertainty for you and your close ones during this difficult process.

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